Discovery survey of Australian PLT Teachers’ Publications on Scholarship of Teaching

I searched databases and journals to get a sense of what proportion of Australian PLT teachers have published work on scholarship of teaching. I compared this data to data regarding proportion of PLT teachers holding formal teaching qualifications.

I do not believe this data is wholly descriptive of Australian PLT teachers’ engagement with scholarship of teaching. It might represent one or two pieces of a larger puzzle.


2 thoughts on “Discovery survey of Australian PLT Teachers’ Publications on Scholarship of Teaching”

  1. Hi Madeleine, thank you for posting here.
    I agree, some of the university-based PLT providers appear to have higher publication outputs regarding scholarship of teaching compared to the non-university providers. (Conversely, some of the non-university providers appear to have higher rates of teachers with teaching qualifications). I would anticipate that employment conditions might be a factor in both scenarios. What I have not included at this stage is counts of individual teacher outputs, but what I can say is that in most cases it is either one or two individual members of faculty that are responsible for the outputs, and in some cases the output is a joint effort of 2-3 individuals.
    This part of my research is mostly about ‘penciling in’ some outlines, for more in-depth research concerning teachers’ and organisations’ engagement with scholarship of teaching in practical legal training.

  2. Thanks Kris, this is very interesting. I’m not at all suprised by the results. I imagine the high number of publications in the ACT is because many teachers of PLT are also academics at ANU, with a portion of their workload allocated to research and publication. Would you agree?
    I thought the presentation and soundtrack was very engaging!

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