Map of Revised National Competency Standards for PLT

NCS 2015 PNGI recently posted about the revised National Competency Standards for Entry-Level Lawyers that apply to Australian practical legal training (PLT). The revised standards take effect from 1 January 2015.

I mapped the revised competencies and the ‘lawyer’s skills’ elements. Clicking on the thumbnail at left will open a full size picture. The map provides an “at-a-glance” summary.

For simplicity, I have not include all the elements or performance criteria for each competency. I have included the ‘lawyer’s skills’ elements, because often attract attention in discussions about the competencies.


2 thoughts on “Map of Revised National Competency Standards for PLT”

  1. Hi Helen, thank you for the feedback. I used Scapple for this design. Scapple is supplied by the same people who do Scrivener (which is what I use for drafting my thesis). There are other good mapping tools out there (Xmind and Freemind are good) but I get better resolution from Scapple, which is great for journal articles etc.

  2. Thanks for this Kris. Your use of a directory/flow chart reveals the visual relationship between the elements, which is not easily understood through text.

    Which program are you using for this type of diagram? I’ve tried word/power point, but am challenged with the design. Is there something easier you can recommend?

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