NVivo for Mac (Beta) released

Further to my previous post, QSR International have released a Beta version of NVivo for Mac.

I intended to trial this version with future literature reviews, however the Beta version does not accommodate imports from citation managers, at this stage. It is possible to import PDF files, so you could still do literature review work, but without classification and attributes sheets automatically set up for the “reference” classification. Also, the Beta version does not yet include the Framework Matrices tool.

At first glance, the Mac version is fast and smooth. It will be interesting to see how it runs when handling a heavy data load.



3 thoughts on “NVivo for Mac (Beta) released”

  1. Hi Julie, I haven’t used Atlas, so I’m not able to comment on it. NVivo for Mac looks promising but does not have all the functionality of the Windows version yet – I’m told additional functions will be added with upcoming updates. NVivo for Windows does include descriptive statistical operations, charts and cluster analyses, but I think you would export your qualitative analysis for more sophisticated statistical analyses. Export is easily done by right clicking on the relevant item and exporting as a spreadsheet or document. Charts and dendograms from cluster analyses can be exported as image files.
    Regarding loss of data – this has not happened to me – I save my work at regular intervals, and I always back-up my project files. NVivo allows you to modify the save intervals to your preference.

  2. I’m debating between Atlas (which I can’t use on my Mac) and the new version of Nvivo. I need to do quantitative analysis of my qualitative data once the coding and analysis are complete. Are these tools fully developed in Nvivo yet? I’ve heard from colleagues that Nvivo sometimes loses data – is this a problem in this version?

    What do others think of this software?



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