So, half way through PhD candidature, I made this poster…

Summer School Poster Smaller SnipThis weekend I attended a summer school for higher degree by research students at Deakin University lovely Waterfront Campus.

There was a poster presentation session, in which I was not going to participate, but the organisers urged more people to sign up, so I obliged. Those who follow this blog will know that I do make videos, but I have never actually made an academic poster before.

Just to make it more interesting, the hard drive crashed on my laptop computer at the beginning of 2 week stay in Arnhem Land. So I needed to cobble this poster together with some online tools, and without some material on which I would usually draw.

This was an interesting project, and I did not want to get too deep into some of the later work I have been doing, because I am still working on it and thinking about it. Another consideration is that most of the audience at this presentation would not be familiar with PLT, so this needed to be concisely explained. Anyhow, if you click on the picture above, that will open a high resolution PDF copy of the poster. Let me know what you think?


Summer School Poster Smaller