“Stale Qualifications” and Admission to the Legal Profession

Earlier this year, the New South Wales Legal Profession Admission Board  approved amendments to admission rules, which will take effect from 1 January 2015. You can read the NSW LPAB’s update here.

Admission to the Australian legal profession requires candidates to show they have the required academic qualifications, satisfactorily completed practical legal training, and meet “suitability” requirements.

In essence, the LPAB’s amendments require that completion of academic and PLT requirements occurred in the 5 years before application for admission. Applicants with “stale” qualifications will be required to apply to have their qualifications assessed.

The amendments seem consistent with the Law Admissions Consultative Committee “Uniform Admission Rules 2014”, in particular Schedule 3, “Common Considerations Relevant to Stale Qualifications”.

I have not checked, but I expect that jurisdictions other than New South Wales would adopt similar amendments. As always, information supplied here is of a general nature, and not legal advice. It is always prudent to check the law applicable to your particular circumstances, at the earliest opportunity.

LACC supplies a list of admitting authorities here.