“Thinking Like a Lawyer” v “Thinking Like a Teacher” – Fun with Google Scholar

In 2013, I presented some research findings at the Australasian Professional Legal Education Council (“APLEC”) annual conference. The findings were drawn from a question I asked in interviews with 35 PLT practitioners, ‘”Is thinking like a lawyer different to thinking like a teacher?” You can view a copy of the Prezi here.

I’m writing up the findings for my thesis, and I thought I would check Google Scholar for recent literature. I noticed this:

Google Scholar searched 21 May 2014
Google Scholar searched 21 May 2014

Seems a lot of thinking (or writing) about “thinking like a lawyer” is going on. Teaching? Not so much. This is a topic of great interest to me in academic and professional legal education. As I’ve posted recently, there are good reasons for serious engagement with scholarship of teaching and learning.