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Legal Practice Topics

Solicitor, Barrister, Lawyer or …?

Do advocates have greater immunity than solicitors?

Educational Research and Practice in Practical Legal Training

From Bloom to Marzano – a new taxonomy of educational objectives for PLT?

Practical Legal Theatre –  What Bloggery, Friends, is This?

Virtual Interlocutors – Online Discussion Forums in Practical Legal Training and Student Satisfaction – a review

Practical Legal Training Topics

Mapping the PLT Competency Standards

PLT: Not a Sausage Factory (or ought not to be)

Support for Law Graduates undertaking Practical Legal Training?

Mental Health Disclosures: Admission and Renewal of Practising Certificates 


ALTA 2011

APLEC 2011

Ethics in Practical Legal Training

Get Ready, Lawyers’ Ethics, Go Go Go!

Mind Maps

Mind Map examples

Australian Competency Standards for Entry Level Lawyers


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