Au revoir, PleagleTrainer blog – Hello, Dr Kristoffer Greaves blog


I will not be updating this blog after this post. The content will remain available. Please do visit my new blog site: – I will be building the new site over time, and re-blogging some posts from here to there.

I started the PleagleTrainer Blog back in 2010, when I was a senior lecturer in practical legal training at the College of Law Victoria. I was, and still am, interested in the learning spaces around academic, practical, and professional legal education. I completed my masters degree in professional education and training, and then left full-time teaching to complete my PhD. My scholarly interests and outputs have broadened considerably since then, including theories of practice, qualitative methodologies, sociological and cultural readings of legal education and practice, emergent technologies, and other things. These changes underpin my decision to retire the PleagleTrainer blog, which was primarily focused on practical legal training.

The PleagleTrainer blog hosted nearly 185,000 page views and 58,000 unique users, which is not bad, considering the rather niche nature of the content. By far the post popular was the Bloom to Marzano post, with nearly 90,000 views on this site (and another 68,000 views of the SlideShare). That post discussed a methodical approach to designing educational objectives in practical legal education, but clearly had cross-disciplinary relevance. Also popular was a post discussing definitions of solicitor, barrister, lawyer (14,500 views), and ‘Get ready lawyers’ ethics, go, go, go!‘ (6,800 views).

Some law schools and colleges link into these posts as part of their learning content, which is why I will not shut down the blog. It is good to note, however, that the National Library of Australia archives the blog at the Pandora site.

Most visitors were located in Australia – however, this blog had an international audience with the USA, UK, Philippines, Kenya, India, Canada, Netherlands, Indonesia, and Malaysia, well represented.

The site and its resources will remain. It costs me about $200/year to maintain the site, so feel free to make a PayPal donation to ensure it stays online!

My work increasingly involves project and consultancy activities. I have supplied research and technical support to academics undertaking research and publication projects. Shortly, I will begin a 6-month learning design consultancy for the College of Law Australia. I have a contract with Springer to publish a monograph out of my study of scholarship of teaching and learning in legal education. So, au revoir! Come see me at my new blog – I will be writing new things there!


New Article: Computer-aided qualitative data analysis of social media … in legaled

RALT_COVER_50-01.inddComputer-aided qualitative data analysis of social media for teachers and students in legal education

I am grateful that my article was included in a special edition of The Law Teacher, edited by Professor Paul Maharg.

The article addresses a new field for legal education researchers. It describes and discusses emergent methods for computer-aided qualitative data analysis of social media in legal education. You find the article here.


#HERDSA2015 – 9 July 2015

I’ve Storified tweets from the final day of the annual conference for the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia, Melbourne, 9 July 2015:

#ALTA2015 Call for Conference Papers

alta2015A reminder that 1 May 2015 is the deadline for submission of abstracts for the Australasian Law Teachers Association annual conference.

You can find a conference flyer and abstract submission form here. The conference theme is “Access to Justice and Legal Education”.

La Trobe University Law School will host the conference at the City Campus, Melbourne from Thursday 16 July to Saturday 18 July 2015.



New Role for Kristoffer Greaves starts in June 2015

Deakin2EFPIThings have been a bit quiet on this blog over the last few months while I worked through the final phase of my PhD candidature. Now I have two items of news regarding my research and a new professional role.

I completed and submitted my PhD thesis for examination on 31 March 2015. Examination usually takes some months and often involves amendments to the thesis. Followers of this blog might recall my research investigated Australian practical legal training practitioners’ engagements with scholarship of teaching and learning. The study produced a number of interesting findings that I hope to share, subject to the thesis passing examination.

My other news concerns a new professional role starting in June 2015. Earlier this week I accepted a position as Lecturer in Professional Education at Charles Sturt University’s Education for Practice Institute in Sydney (EFPI). This represents an advance for my work in the theory and practice of professional education and training. It is an opportunity to work with internationally recognised leaders, including Professor Joy Higgs and Associate Professor Franziska Trede, in the areas of professional education, practice-based education, and workplace-based learning, .

What does this mean for PleagleTrainer Blog? I will continue to study and write about teaching and learning in professional legal education and practical legal training. Naturally, the blog will begin to include insights gleaned during my new role at EFPI, and I look forward to sharing those with you in future.