My Storified Glimpses of CLE Conference 2014

I followed tweets on the #CLE2014 on my Twitter timeline – it looked like such an interesting conference! I’ve “Storified” those tweets below.
Disclaimer – these tweets were those I could capture – there are probably many more useful and interesting outputs from the conference.


“Gatecrashing the Research Paradigm…”

JALTA_Galloway_et_al_pdf__page_1_of_14_I am very fortunate to collaborate from time to time with Kate Galloway (Curl blog) from James Cook University and Melissa Castan (Amicae Curiae blog) from Monash University. They are wise and fun and I always learn so much from them.

In 2012, we co-authored ‘Multiplexity and the Global Student: The Role of Blogging and Micro Blogging in Opening Students’ Horizons’ (2012) 5(1/2) Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association 177. That paper received a bit of a boost from being mentioned in the Australian Financial Review.

We recently worked together on a follow-up article: Kate Galloway, Kristoffer Greaves and Melissa Castan, ‘Gatecrashing The Research Paradigm: Effective Integration Of Online Technologies In Maximising Research Impact And Engagement In Legal Education’ (2013) 6(1/2) Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association 83. You can access the article here. The area of “altmetrics” is interesting and new (to me) – and there are some good debates to have about the inclusion of blogging and micro-blogging activities as scholarly activities capable of engagement, quality and impact. More importantly, from a PLT perspective, I think social media provides some opportunities to open up discussions about PLT and teaching/learning/mentoring/coaching in PLT.