Film, Television and Theatre Credits

Film and Television

Babe: Pig in the City 1998
Water Rats 1997
Blue Murder (TV movie) 1995
Mission Top Secret (TV series) 1994
Heartland (TV mini-series) 1994
Breathing Under Water 1993
Joh’s Jury (TV movie) 1993
Greenkeeping 1992
Act of Necessity 1991
Dead to the World 1991
Kokoda Crescent 1989
Breaking Loose 1988
Something Is Out There (TV movie) 1988 (USA)
Computer Ghosts 1988 (TV movie)
The Dirtwater Dynasty (TV mini-series) 1988
A Country Practice (TV series) 1988, 1983, 1982
Relative Merits (TV Series) 1987
Poor Man’s Orange (TV mini-series) 1987
Last Chance 1986 (Canada)
The Facts of Life Down Under (TV movie) 1987 (USA)
Shark’s Paradise (TV movie) 1986
Bodyline (TV Series) 1984
The City’s Edge 1983
Australiana – Austen Tayshus (Video Clip) 1983
Running on Empty 1982
Mad Max 2 1981
Consolation Prize (Short Film) 1980


Henry IV Part One, Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, NSW, April 1991
Whispers in the Heart, The Performance Space, Redfern, NSW, July 1989
The Government Investigator, Q Theatre, Penrith, NSW 1990
Kid Stakes, Hunter Valley Theatre Company, Q Theatre, Penrith, NSW 1989
Whispers in the Heart, TAU Theatre, Braddon, ACT, October 1988
Whispers in the Heart, NSW Schools, NSW Region, NSW, August 1988
Carols-by-Lazerlight, Belvoir State Theatre, Surry Hills, Australia, 1985, 1986
Unreal, State Theatre Company of South Australia, Magpie Theatre, Adelaide, 1986
Definitely Not the Last, State Theatre Company of South Australia, Magpie Theatre, 1985
Teen-Ages, State Theatre Company of South Australia, Magpie Theatre, 1985
Animal Acts, State Theatre Company of South Australia, Magpie Theatre, 1984
1984 AD, Adelaide Festival of Arts, (Ljubisa Ristic Director), 1984
Exhibition No. II, Sydney Biennale, 1979
Shadowline II, Seymour Centre, Chippendale, NSW, 1979
Montage, Pilgrim Theatre, Theatre in Sculpture, Sydney 1978
Cabaret Conspiracy,  Darlinghurst, NSW 1978
One Extra Dance Company, Darlinghurst, NSW 1977

YouTube Clips
Mad Max II (Road Warrior – playing the “ok” mechanic)

Running on Empty (playing “Starter” in the leg calipers)

Joh’s Jury (playing Stephen Reddy at 3:56)

 Water Rats (Series 2 E25 “SC Constable Lewis at 26:38)