Mind Map Experiment


Australian Competency Standards for Entry Level Lawyers in a Freemind Mind Map

This is an experimental page.  I am learning how to use FreeMind to make interactive Mind Maps online. I have not used colours yet but intend to do so.

You can minimise a branch by clicking on the head node.

You will need to have Java enabled on your computer.  It make take a few minutes to load depending your own technical specifications. I find that I sometimes need to reload/refresh the page after the link initially loads. Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Mind Map Experiment”

  1. Interesting observation, Lawrence. The mind map is focused on the existing competency standards prescribed for entry level lawyers. They do undertake some trust and office accounting studies. I guess the regulators perceive selling skills as something to be developed beyond the entry-level stage of a career.

  2. Interesting mindmap. I’m concerned that I cannot see anything relating to financial or money management skills, or selling skills. Regrettably, in my experience, skill sets that are usually always missed by lawyers….
    Having said that, I’m also a trainer… and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to offer my services in the areas just mentioned…

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