Betwixt and Between – PLT Practitioners – Scholarship of Which Practice?

prezI attended and presented at a symposium today, “Doing Cultural Studies – Interrogating Practice”, at Swinburne University of Technology.

The title of my presentation was, ‘Betwixt and between – Practical Legal Training Practitioners – scholarship of (which) practice?’.

You can view my Prezi here. You can download a copy of my Presentation Notes here.

This is an interesting cross-disciplinary event for me, and I will post separately about my impressions from the keynotes and other sessions.


British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2014

I am happy to be attending the BSA annual conference next April at the University of Leeds, to present some interim findings from my research. Presenting at this conference represents an interdisciplinary turn for me, appropriate given my interest in practice research and social relationships and institutions involved in practical legal training generally, with a focus on scholarship of teaching and learning.